Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rising Extremism: Voice of the Martyred:
Do You Want To Be A Martyr For Christ?

Seen To Be Seeing In Large Bold Letters the two part word SIN-BAD, as so a voice declaring, Nazi-Moms, the end of mankind's Kingdoms on the map 11/06/2014

Buying Into The Curse Of Death, Beware, This I not a lifestyle, it’s just made to look like one. Hebrews 11:3

-"Man can’t do this, only the Holy Spirit can do this," this shocking statement appeared in red letters while I was reading along Romans the sixth chapter, 'knowing then, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. FOR HE THAT IS DEAD IS FREED FROM SIN,' Romans 6:6,7. Just now turning to this verse of scripture I see that it is circled in my spouse bible, why? Because this is man’s greatest struggle, but Jesus has endured this trial for us, let go and let HIM… Jesus Blood Redemption…
-Again Jesus wrote, ‘man can’t do this, only the Holy Spirit can do this,’ appearing in red letter in the midst of this scripture was this heated for the ancient debate. You're to know, I wasn’t dreaming, I was reading along this verse of scripture when it took on a vision, a word of knowledge, you tell this apostle, what does this mean to you?
-This is why the first lesson Jesus gave an inquiring Nicodemus was you must be born-again, surrendered to the Holy Spirit, heart, head, body and soul, it’s why he tell anyone coming after him, first of all, you must be willing to deny self, pick up your cross and follow him. Jesus was explaining death to self and life in the Spirit, again death to self, this is why so many people flock to churches (churchians) instead of Jesus Christ (Christian), they’re holding on to themselves.
-Jesus being part human and tempted at all points as we are, this anointing power is what enabled him to live above the flesh, above sin. Truthfully, it was the only way Jesus' own fellow man could then live a sinless life, I got divine revelation for you. God gave us Jesus, not because he want us to try to live a sinless life, man had attempted this by the Law of God and had done nothing but fail. No he gave us Jesus because we can’t live a sinless life without HIM, we can have a sinless existence on this planet only as Holy Spirits live a sinless life, the life of Jesus through us, for us, by our surrender to them.
-Jesus is forgiveness of sin, the Holy Spirit is the only empowerment over sin and the living word a daily renewal of said transformation from sin though only as we place ourselves as clay in their hand, if not we, as in mankind has, is and will continue to fail. This is why Paul pleaded with us to surrender ourselves to God, (Jesus, The Living Word, The Living Spirit), that we be no longer conformed to this world, but be transformed by the blood renewing of the mind, heart., See Rom. 12:1, 2
-You must stop trying, you can’t do this, this can’t be done by churches, congregations or preachers preaching, choirs and offerings, no one can do this for you, you will accomplish this only as you fall on your face and give up completely to Holy Spirits. I SURRENDER ALL!!! Remember Jesus explaining how only if people eat His Flesh and drink His Blood could they then be His Disciples, and many of His followers felled away from Him, meaning only as they die and are transformed into a flesh and blood type of HIM, flesh and blood, Holy Spirit) could they ever in a million years be like Him.
-This is why Jesus explained to the disciples why His leaving and the Holy Spirit Coming was so vitally important, they as His disciples had a portion of the Holy Spirit for anointing and growth sake, but they’d not been completely filled up, this wouldn’t happen until fifty days after Jesus' Resurrection. So if I’m trying, yet I keep failing is yet coming out of your mouth, your heart, your failing because you, self, the flesh is from birth failed, you must put on Jesus’ Christ, that you withstand the wiles of the devil.
-You see God by his Holy Spirit is going to give you more than a new walk, try a brand new heart, blood, head and thus will, you will be like Christ, you be will be transformed into a new creature. Though only by a divine heart transplant where God (Christ) is the surgeon is this possible. As the prophet Ezekiel testified, He will take away the heart of stone you was born with and give you a heart of forgiveness and unconditional love not only for Jesus, your friends but for your foe as well, you will be born-again.
-You don’t have to be in love with God in the beginning you just have to understand you’re lost without Him, that sin completely separate you from Him, that only by repenting through a perfect blood redemption is this relationship with God restored. Until then you’re walking in the midst of a black wilderness of black hearted monster men (Satan, Demons, unrepentant men) with your immortal soul totally vulnerable. It is here your being consumed heart, head and soul thereby unto death, unto judgment, unto the abysmal of the damn dead, for blessed only are the dead who die in the Lord Jesus Christ.
-Stop trying to live and for once by Christ’s Cross die, that’s right, now you know, Jesus didn’t come to help you live, the Holy Spirit, living WORD isn’t come to help you live. The Church Bride of Christ isn’t come to help you live. Understand, right now Saints of the Most High God are dying, are being martyred all over this planet, asking only that your prayers help them with these unthinkable sacrifices, as a demonstration of how to die in Jesus Christ. It’s all, all of it is to then help you quit, to help you kill off the sin nature, to kill off self and self-seeking, that you rise to Christ, to immortal life. As always, this divine surrender is in your heart, unto your knees, unto your tongue, repent! Or will you serve Satan, apostasy, this body of sin, all your life? Beware, Apb, The RAM